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Copy Writing Services

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We do Technical writing, Web and Blog content, Marketing and Sales content and much more . . .

We can help put words to your expertise and even expertise to your words if that is what you need. We have content knowledge in many domains.

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Technical Writing

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As can be seen from my resume and credentials, I am, fortunately, a knowledge expert in many subject areas. These domains include biology and medicine, chemistry and physics, mathematics and statistics as well as business and management topics

I have written many essays and lectures over the course of my careers as learner, teacher, clinician and research scientist. I developed and implemented the Practice Management Curriculum while I was a Clinical Assistant Professor with the Hew Hampshire-Dartmouth Family Practice Residency in Concord NH in 1998.

Written research reports were a central part of my work and study.

Essays designed to instruct and be entertaining are part of my regular writing. Some of these are posted here for your enjoyment as well as to be exemplars of my work.

Web Content

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I do Web Design and Site Building on request and this includes the formatting and content writing for Blogs. Have a look at the blog link at the top this page, or click the "some samples" button here to see some content. Content which I have written for the many presentations that I have prepared and given in my many roles over the years, has been adapted for the Web as well on many occasions.

We Do Marketing

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Persuasive writing becomes an archetype in application as marketing copy. Marketing stories must take the reader to a place where they can be interested and receptive to the idea about a product or service. Without pejorative intent, I think of the settings of the writing as a fansy setting requiring varying degrees of suspension of disbelief to engage the customer and then close the sale. The Duration of the suspension may be short and dramatic or more protracted and whimsical. We do these too.