A Business eCard

eBusnCard - the eDistributable Business Card

A project of the YeS Collaboration of D A York and S G Setzer

Here is an exciting concept! . . . The evolution of the Business Card for the digital age.

Consider that Email and on-line digital communication continue to grow as the way business is done in the new Millennium. However, the need for that compact piece of of stationary is unlikely to fully disappear, because the face to face meeting is not going to be fully replaced. However, more and more, face-to-face is going on-line as well; so what can replace that little courtesy so big a part of the culture of business?

To keep pace with the electronic paradigm of business, the concept of that "calling card" of business and commerce can be made even more relevant!!

But, the solution needs to be as easy and as versatile as that original little card while adapting transparently to new demands without any outward increase in complexity.

If this intrigues you - read on, here is the solution as we envision it.

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Use Case


Consider, a freely distributable and email-embeddable electronic business card that could export itself to all the usual contact managers. It by default displays itself as a graphic representation of a business card or it can print itself out in a typical business card format. It is intended to be a self-contained, smart business card which carries out a number methods including perhaps, multimedia presentations related to your business and services and also the potential of a larger data store of information about the business to retrieve in various forms.

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Activities to be presented as a flow of activity are in the early conceptual stage of development as the Use Case is being explored. This will be documented here as it proceeds.

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The Plan is for Java implementation of the eBusnCard class and the associated utility classes, to provide the methods. The latter are tentatively to be implemented as inner classes. The class development is to be documented in this section as development proceeds.

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Demo Applet

The user interface is a standard business card image with associated activity menus. Here it is: This is where eBusnCardDemo.class runs.

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