Currently Active Projects

Ningishzida - lord of the good tree
  1. Reading and Writing Utilities for CSV data files
  2. - Written in C++, this is to be an open-source class in a Data Science library. See the next project in this list for another such component

  3. A C++ library of routines to support some R-style Data Structures
  4. - This project has the goal of developing an R-like dataframe class and other data structures (like an R factor data type (called a category for C++) for similar applications for analysis of data written entirely in C++. By way of Rcpp interface package, any C code can be accessible to R as well as R to C++. See the preceding project in this list for another such component

  5. Debian-Linux Clusters for Parallel Computing
  6. See alsoGithub Pages and Repositoryfor details

    - I have not done a lot of hardware projects over the years but I have been building and upgrading most of my own systems for years.

    PC systems are usually very reliable whether Brand Name or generic and last long enough at our house to have peripherals pack it in regularly now (I never can bring myself to discard a computer, much to my other-half's frustration). So I was only natural when it came time to start programming for parallel processing I would build the system's myself. Thgere's lots of help out there on line.

    - so my first shot was a RaspberryPi cluster. See the project here.

  7. Various Didactic Projects
  8. - I regularly take courses both at Udemy and Coursera. In particular I am in the process of completing the last module, a practicum, for the Data Science Certificate from Johns Hopkins University on Coursera. The Assignments and Projects I have completed related to these courses can be seen at the github Data Science Pages.

    - You can go to the Survey Taking Application directly or via the "Data Science projects page as above.

    Additionally, I had kept an experimental server site, with some Udemy related projects, but this link is currently inactive due to the time and cost in maintaining, it may be reactivated any some later date. These were atat my experimental website and are modest examples of work I have done for Udemy courses

    Many of the Following are less Active at this time

  9. An Open Course on Health Informatics (GitHub project pages)
  10. - A collaborator of mine suggested I put my money where my mouth is (see my Blog on the Ways to Teach Health Informatics to the wide variety of stakeholders with clinicians especially in mind.

  11. An Open Course on Fundamental Insights in Programming (GitHub project pages)
  12. - I have always thought about the insights I gained when considering the commonalities of languages obscured by focusing only on the code and syntax. I believe much can be gained considering in a general way the programming constructs beneath the specifics of syntax for the languages and the programming paradigms. It is very much like studying (English) Literature compared to simply reading a novel.

    I am now putting those ideas together to look at programming beyond the syntax into a MOOC for Udemy which I hope will make us all better and more conscious programmers while providing a discussion catalyst for those relatively new to solving problems with computers.

    For those not facile on GitHub you can go directly to the Wiki here under construction

  13. A Discrete Process Simulation System (DPSS)
  14. - project to develop a tool set for discrete simulation approachable by a wide range of users, rigorous in it’s application and open sourced (and therefore relatively inexpensive)

  15. OpenAccounts, An open source Accounting System
  16. - This is an exercise with Java for me to review my Accounting basics and to develop a useful, "plain vanilla" bookkeeping system for small business. It is good practice when learning a new application domain to look at examples of development and code for activities basic to that domain. In this case, the process is expected to ultimately produce a Java package of accounting objects from the exercise.

  17. eBusnCard, analogous to the emailed greeting cards offered as services on the web.
  18. - a collaborative project with freelance developer S.G.Setzer (The Y-S Collaboration). This is an object based Business Card application project to develop an eCard which displays and prints copies of itself and exports itself to contact managers.

  19. A Clinical Data WebCrawler
  20. - This is a cool thing I thought of, though it's still at an abstract concept stage at this point in time. Discussions and an assignment on Coursera Algorithms Part 2 suggests the approach as a graph theoretic problem. (By the way, I really liked this course!)

  21. more to come - see my Github account for details of active and inactive projects as well as interesting forks I follow.

  22. - I am not currently contributing to anyone else's projects but most of the forks are of interest to me as coding examples and references listed in my repositories on Github.