Scope of Services Offered

Ningishzida - lord of the good tree
  • Medical Informatics
    • Medical and Healthcare Informatics based Consultation Services
    • - independent consultants for clinical record systems assessment and acquisition
      (improving provider buy-in by soliciting and incorporating a provider-centric perspective is our forte)

      - development of Requests for Information and Independent Assistance for Assessment of Proposals

      - provider usability assessment

      - content suitability to analytics needs

    • Development of custom analytics tools and reporting for clinical databases
    • - see specifics fror our development services below

    • Clinical Data Mining Solutions

  • Mathematical Programming and Modelling
  • (specializing in clinical data content and environments)

    • Deterministic Models
    • - Mathematical Programming, Graph and Network Models

      Number Crunching Tool
    • Statistical Application Solutions and Stochastic Models
    • - Statistical Programming with C++, R, Java, JavaScript (with particular expertise in reproducible Research Reporting)

      - Regression Models

      - GLM and Experimental Design

      - R-Language Analytics and Programming

      - SAS Models, Analytics and Programming

      - Excel® and VBA Solutions

    • Process Simulation and Analysis
    • - Rockwell Arena®, Monte Carlo Simulation

  • Copy Writing
    • Technical (Biomedical focused) Writing
    • - Biomedical and Medical Informatics Content Writing, Technical and Report Writing - Reproducible Research Needs, Documentation (User and Organizational/Procedural) Writing

    • Special Job / Miscellaneous Custom Writing
    • - "We will write any content to any specification, particularly Research Focused"

    • Web Content
    • - Page and Blog copy

  • Web and Desktop Data Tools Development

  • (We are quite at home with Clinical Application Interfacing and Information Visualization)

    - Web Dashboards (Database Analytics and Business Indicator Dashboards)

    - Java, PHP/HTML/JavaScript programming

  • Online Database development and connectivity: Requirements Analysis, Data Model Design and Implementation
  • - Web Database Interfaces to MySQL® and Oracle® Database

    - Java Applications and Applet programming